Monday, 20 February 2017

Who What When Why

Hello everyone! (Or should I say Sawadii ka?)


My name is Emily, I'm 17 years old and I live near Vienna, in Austria. I'm currently in school and will be sitting my A-levels in June. On August 5th I will start my first real adventure on my own. I'll be travelling to Singburi, Thailand, where I'll be working at an orphanage for 12 weeks. I booked this journey with the travel agency AIFS here in Austria and their partner organisation The Green Lion in Thailand.

I've always wanted to spend a couple months abroad and at first I really wanted to go to Cairns, Australia and work at a Zoo. I was pretty sure that I was going to do this until the people from my organisation told me that, unfortunately, I couldn't attend this specific program because they had to adjust the minimum age to 18 years. After that the project in Thailand was the only project that I could do at my age. I was pretty lucky that I liked this anyway since I enjoy working with children, especially with the ones who aren't that lucky to have a family/be with their family and I love Thai culture, and am especially obsessed with Buddhism. Since I also booked an elephant week I'll still have that "animal aspect" that I thought I'd lost by cancelling the Australia project.

I've already gotten my provisional week plan and can say that, in the first week, I will be exploring Singburi and the Thai language and culture in general. One week, I don't know which one yet, I will be working at  and the rest I've basically got no idea what exactly I'm going to do. But I'll probably share an update when I've already been in Thailand for a few weeks!

btw: feel free to point out any grammatical mistakes so I can edit them out :)

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