Sunday, October 01, 2017

Thailand Conclusion


All in all, my Thailand journey was amazing. It started with me finding out, that I could participate in so many more projects than I thought. To be precise, I did 10 different ones in 12 weeks. There was not one that I didn't like at all or thought "I'd rather be at *insert place* right now". I'm a strong believer of "everything happens for a reason", so I don't regret anything.

I have to admit, there wasn't that much action at forestry conservation week and the last week was a bit all over the place but I still learned something in those weeks and, in retrospect, wouldn't change anything about my choice of projects.

There was only one, that I would've liked to do as well, which was the Gibbons Project, but I made myself choose between this one and the Hilltribe Immersion and I'm so glad that I chose the latter.

I also got around Thailand a LOT. I was in all four directions, I went to about 10 different beaches, to an island, to several national parks, got to experience a Thai festival first hand, learned to speak a bit Thai, got to help children in need, did construction work, etc etc. (I also ate a lot of rice. Wasn't my favourite part but oh well.)

My favourite part of this whole journey was the people I get to share my memories with. I met so many SO amazing people from all around the world and I'm extremely thankful for that. Now I get to call people from England, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Israel, Canada, USA, China, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France and, of course, Austria my friends and have a reason to travel to all those place next. If I didn't already tell you: thanks so much for doing all of this with me, can't wait to see every single one of you again!

October 29th 2017

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