Thursday, October 12, 2017

4th Week: Hua Hin Beach Combi 2.0

Sawadii ka, everyone!

As I've already mentioned, I've booked two beach weeks in a row in Hua Hin. That was because there were so many other friends coming that week, whom I wouldn't have seen again, if I wouldn't have stayed for a second week since it was their last week in Thailand. Also, who doesn't like visiting Thailand's beaches for two weeks? The program was more or less the same obvioisly, so this post probably won't be as long as the previous one. I still experienced a few new things this week so I didn't want to leave that out.


On Monday we had to leave for breakfast at 7:50am already, due to the fact that we had to have it at the previous accommodation. Waking up early was worth it though, since breakfast was super delicious every day. 

We left at 9:30am to go to the vintage market again, where I bought another mango shake and a dress.

At the beach I, for once, could swim without being extremely terrified of jellyfish. Luckily no-one got stung this day so that was a success. We then took a lot of pictures of and with each other on the beach, awkwardly posing with with a palm tree. At least that's what I was doing.

For lunch we went to the vegan restaurant again since I wanted to introduce it to the second-week-people as well. They all loved it; and I did as well, obviously. 

When we left the restaurant it suddenly started pouring. We quickly got to a 7eleven and waited our the rain. 

After a couple of minutes we could finally go back to the beach where we left all our stuff with two friends who stayed there during lunch time.
When we got back everything was completely wet. I tried to wring out my towel but it was still soaking. We didn't go into the water anymore that day and Kong picked us up after a few minutes anyway.

After dinner we could've gone to the mall but we didn't want to, since we were pretty tired and didn't need anything.


On Tuesday after breakfast we went to the temple again to sweep the floor for a couple of minutes to freshen up our karma.

After that we went to the buddha view point again but I stayed in the car with a friend since she hurt her foot and couldn't walk that much. I've been on there the week before anyway so it wasn't that unfortunate.

Later we visited the artist village again and I surprisingly saw many things I haven't seen the previous week - like another jewellery shop or a guy who painted postcards. 

This time I even painted a paperbag myself. Looks like it's drawn by a toddler, but at least I tried, right?

Before we left to the beach I got a Blue-Lemon-Soda at the art café which tasted quite artificial but I didn't expect anything else, hence the name, and it still tasted nice. 

The beach we went to was the same as the one we went to last friday. We ate at a large seaside restaurant where we then could use their sunbeds for free. 

After dinner (we had potatoes - among other food, obviously, but we had potatoes, yay!!) we asked Kong if we could stop at 7eleven so we could buy some snacks again but he forgot and just drove past it. We didn't really mind but he realised when we were back at the resort, brought us to the shop and even insisted on driving us back to the resort even though it would've only been a ten minute walk for us. There were no special activities on Tuesday evening so we all just went to bed quite early.


On Wednesday we went back to the two Hua Hin view points. There were even more monkeys than last time and one wanted to sit next to me but I freaked out again (typical) and it ran off.

Later, Kong drove us to the bus station so that the ones, who were going to go to Bangkok to take a flight home on saturday, could buy bus tickets.
After that, we went to the temple with many stairs and monkeys again. The monkeys seemed to really hate us since they jumped into our car right away and tried to steal a bag. It luckily only got a package of cookies but still. 

As we were at the temple, the monkeys basically ripped our car apart.
They destroyed a bench, bit open plastic bags with yoga supplies and one of them even pooped in there. If before you couldn't understand why anyone would hate monkeys, I guess now you do. One of them posed for me under the Thai flag though, so that one I didn't hate that much.

After cleaning and fixing the car, we could finally go to the beach, which was the Pine Beach again. Almost everyone got stung by a jellyfish this day and I didn't want to risk getting stung myself so my stays in the water were all quite short.
I then decided to walk along the beach with two friends where we looked for jellyfish in the water. We found one but it looked quite dead. We pulled it out of the water for a few minutes so we could take take a closer look at it. After we've seen what we wanted to see, we put it back in the ocean, just in case it was still alive.

It rained a bit a few times but it wasn't as bad as last week at this beach, so we could easily stay and keep trying to get a tan. 

In the evening we went to the typical thai night market once more where I bought a crêpe, a mango shake, a Hua Hin fridge magnet and a new backpack.


Today we would've gone to the crab forest again but, since we (we meaning me and two other girls, who were staying 2 weeks as well) already did that, we stayed in the resort until lunch. Don't get me wrong, the Mangrove Natural Trail is an amazing place but if you've seen it once, you don't necessarily need to see it again. 

In the afternoon we went to my favourite beach. The one with the huge rocks on the side and hardly any tourists. We first sunbathed and went for a quick swim and then got food at the restaurant near the beach.
After lunch we went swimming again and also took a few (I hope) instagram-worthy pictures. There we also saw a bride with her groom who were shooting wedding pictures on the big rocks. I got stung by a few jellyfish again but they were only really tiny ones so it didn't hurt that bad.

In the evening we all went to the Skybar of the Hua Hin Hilton Hotel, drank a few cocktails and enjoyed the gorgeous view.


Today there was no program in the morning so we could sleep again after breakfast. We had lunch at the other accommodation and then went to the beach from last Thursday. That's the one with the pigeon cave.

Luckily we didn't need to go in there since it didn't rain at all that day. It was low tide at the time so there was a "pre-sea", I'd like to call it, before the actual ocean started.

In that there were many jellyfish but the water was so clear that we could see them all the time, thankfully.

Remember me writing that there was a hiking trail we didn't go on last week?
Well, this week we did and it almost seemed like we were in the jungle. Except we had a magnificent view of the whole beach. With such an ambience it was impossible not to take pictures of, or rather with, it.

We came home pretty late in comparison to all the other days, so we all stressed about taking a shower since we were going to go to the fancy Cicada night market again. It was all good in the end though and we all finished in time.

At the night market we strolled around a bit and then went to the food stalls. What a surprise, right?
There I got the famous thai coconut ice cream and chocolate bubble waffles. Since we've already seen the whole market the previous week, we listened to the live band, which was playing there, the rest of the time.


Today we didn't really do anything since the program has ended. After breakfast everyone except me and two other girls went home so the "international squad" was disjoined. (Until we meet again, girls!)

At 10:30h we started our journey back to Singburi. At first we took a minivan to Bangkok since we had to drop someone off there and then, after waiting an hour, we took a bus to Singburi. At the Singburi bus station we got picked up by Phil, our main coordinator. It started to rain as soon as we got off the bus and when we were driving home everything got wet since the cars here aren't as water resistant as they probably should be. 

In total, the drive back home took about 5 hours, including waiting time. When we finally arrived at Twinhouse we were all glad to be back. We checked in again (for trips to the south everyone has to check out when they leave) and got to move into our new rooms.


Sunday was a "we'll-just-do-nothing-day". We slept until 10 and ate some breakfast. Then we cycled to Singburi town to go to 7eleven for lunch (instant noodles) and snacks.

After eating the mentioned instant noodles we played cards with other volunteers basically the whole afternoon and evening. Later we went to the bar for a bit but I didn't stay up too late since I was pretty tired and wanted to be motivated the next day for the new project week.

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